Recent advances in the study of bats have changed the way we understand this elusive group of mammals. This volume consists of 25 chapters by 57 authors from around the globe covering the most recent findings on the evolution, ecology, and conservation of bats. The chapters in this book are not intended to be exhaustive literature reviews but instead extended manuscripts that bring new and fresh perspectives. Many chapters provide new insights and understanding in bat evolution, ecology, and conservation. All chapters were peer reviewed and revised by the authors. Many of the chapters are multiauthored to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the topics. 

The book is organized into three sections: Evolutionary Patterns (Chaps. 1 – 7), Ecology and Behavior (Chaps. 8 – 16), and Conservation and Education (Chaps. 17 – 25). Each section is not only diverse topically but also integrative with other chapters in that section. Some chapters provide new and unpublished data for consideration, whereas others provide historical, present, and future perspectives. This volume provides novel approaches to old questions as well as new ways of understanding the complex world of bats. New perspectives are provided on many aspects of bat biology, evolution, morphology, development, natural history, cognition and behavior, emotions, formation fl ight, migration, dispersal to islands, emerging viruses, white-nose syndrome, speciation, bats and the human dimension, educational and conservation challenges, global monitoring, economic value, and the state of global bat populations. 

This book will be of interest to students, professional biologists, wildlife managers, conservationists, educators, environmental consultants, and anyone else interested in the broad and rich array of topics brought up to date in this volume.

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